User Guide

How to use the Independence Tool

1) Click Register (which is on the top right)
2) Create a Password and User Name
3) You can create an Firm/account, enter your company name as the Firm name and then click create.
4) Go to 'My Firm at the very top of the page on the left and click 'Our Products' this will allow you to delete the products that are not relevant to your firm.

You are now ready to create an assessment

1) Again go to 'My Firm' at the very top left and select 'My Client' now create the client and in the comments box enter the reason for the advice i.e. Mr Smith has £50,000 to invest and then click 'ADD'.
2) Click the 'Start New Assessment for (name of your client)' that has appeared to the right of the page. If 'Start New Assessment for (name of your client)' hasn't appeared you may need to go to 'My Firm' and select 'My Client' again.
3) Start completing the assessment, you will start with up to 53 products on the left and this will reduce as you start answering the questions. (Please ensure you read the explanation next to the questions), once you have completed the assessment click 'save' at the bottom of the screen.
4) Click 'View Document' that has appeared and you will see a PDF that has recorded the outcome and how you derived at this.